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Myanmar, with its origins from the Burmese Empire, is the Golden Land of the Indochinese Peninsula, dripping with rich history and natural wonders. Manifested in its prominent adorned landscape of approximately 2,000 pagodas and ancient temples, Myanmar portrays a deep influence and devotion to its Theravada Buddhism culture.

Myanmar’s prolific cultural monuments are famously propelled by the 1,500 years ancient city of Bagan, housing the richest archaeological sites within Southeast Asia. Perpend at the vast 4,000 scared stupas populating the plains of Bagan on your hotair balloon flight, be awe-inspired at Shwedagon Paya – the most sacred Buddhist pagoda in Yangon.

The beauty of Myanmar is not limited to its ancient history. Its myriad of eclectic festivals, picturesque rivers, trekking landscapes, and its most anticipated destination – Inle Lake – welcome all adventure-seekers and nature beings alike. Tired travellers looking to relax can expect to be spoiled by pristine beaches located along the western coastline with luxury accommodations readily available.

Despite its growing popularity as a Southeast Asia Travel hotspot and modernisation, Myanmar’s deep-rooted traditional values are never lost behind its modern face. It remains a country with the power to reinvigorate and bedazzle even the weariest of visitors.

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Best Time to Visit

Myanmar is best visited during Winter from October to March where the climate is drier, and temperatures are relatively manageable.


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