Golf Swing Faults: How to Overcome your Big Miss

As golfers, we are all looking to improve.  It may seem like golf is a constant fight to fix one swing fault or another.  Even more frustrating, what worked for one problem could lead to a different issue.

We get it, golf can be exhausting.  But, you’ve come to the right place.  We’ve got a a fix for almost all of your golf swing faults.

For most beginning golfers, the struggle starts with just making solid contact with the golf ball.  The most classic of these golf impact issues:

Make sure you read these articles if you struggle with contact.  Next up, let’s look at that big slice.

Ball Flight Issues

Congratulations, you are hitting the ball solidly and getting the ball in the air.  But now you notice that your golf ball is curving off the course!   

Don’t fear, we have the some fixes for that big slice or nasty hook.  Check out these articles for how to work on your ball flight issues:

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Physical Golf Swing Faults

For many golfers, they are limited to only working on very obvious contact or ball flight problems.  But if you are one of the lucky golfers that have seen your golf swing on video, you may have noticed some very clear swing faults.  Here’s how to correct the most common swing faults:

Mental Swing Faults

So far, we’ve focused on actual swing faults.  But, have you ever considered that some of your swing issues could be “between your ears”?

Below are a few articles where we explore some common mental errors that can lead to a very bad ballstriking day:

For more about the mental game of golf, make sure to read about how you can improve your golf strategy.

Finally, if all else fails maybe it’s time to call a professional.  Here’s a couple articles about golf lessons.

Remember, all of these swing faults can be fixed with a little practice and the right technique.  While few of us are capable of playing like Tiger Woods, we can all hit the ball solidly and relatively straight if we work with our own natural talents.

If you struggle with any of the swing faults we’ve discussed here, make sure you go back and look at our articles on golf swing fundamentals.

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