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Breaking Ball Putting Mat Review

Make Practice More Realistic: Breaking Ball Putting Mat Review

Unfortunately, golf practice often doesn’t replicate on course conditions. But this Me and My Golf Putting Green is different from most training aids and will change the way you practice forever.

Think about it, when you go to the driving range you hit from a flat lie and normally a perfect hitting area. Yet, when you go to the golf course, you rarely have perfectly flat lies and instead have to deal with rough and/or slopes. 

The same goes with putting. 

Most indoor putting greens prepare you for straight putts but as you know, a majority of your putts during the round break one way or the other… Which makes it hard to practice with purpose.

Until now… this putting mat is about to change the game and help you have insane confidence on the greens. 

The Breaking Ball Putting Mat Review

Me and My Golf is one of the biggest names on YouTube and social media. I’ve been watching their videos for years and got a chance to meet them – Piers Ward and Andy Proudman – at the 2023 PGA Show in Orlando, Florida. 

After watching endless golf videos over the years it was great to see all their training aids too. While all of them are super helpful and make it easier to practice with purpose, their “Breaking Ball” putting mat blew my mind. 

Here’s why… 

Key Takeaways

  • The Breaking Ball Putting Mat is a revolutionary putting mat from the creators of Me and My Golf.
  • This putting mat is available in two sizes; 7.5 and 11.5 feet to help you work on the most important shots in golf.
  • This putting mat not only helps you practice straight putts but comes with custom golf balls to practice breaking putts too. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about adjusting the mat to account for slope.

Keep reading to learn how this device works and why it’s arguably the best putting mat to improve your game. 

Breaking Ball Putting Mat Review

Easily Practice Breaking Putts

As I mentioned before, most putts on the golf course aren’t straight (about 90% of putts have some break). But almost every putting mat doesn’t allow you to practice right to left or left to right breaking putts. 

While some allow you to practice breaking putts – like the BirdieBall – it’s not that easy to set up. You have to raise the mat and put an extra accessory to make the putt break one way or the other. But this mat allows you to practice sliding putts without doing anything to the mat itself.


By using golf balls that are meant to break either direction. According to Me and My Golf, “Our golf ball technology is a perfect simulation of real-world breaking putts, achieved by weight biased golf balls.”

Each mat comes with three golf balls; a red, green, and blue ball. The green ball has a slight break, the red has medium break, and the blue has heavy break. 

Place the ball so the line is down the middle and weight is on the side of the ball. The line should aim at the intended start line (ex. Green ball toward the green line). If the weight is on the right side of the ball, it will break left right and vice versa if the weight is on the left side. 

Set up the ball on the correct marking on the mat to then practice the breaking putt. Then, work on your setup to get comfortable with sliding putts. 

Breaking Ball Putting Mat Review

Great Design and Speed 

Aside from the revolutionary breaking ball technology, this mat also has markings for every foot. This will help you practice all different lengths of putts and increase your confidence from inside 10 feet. Plus, it also has start line markings so you can improve your setup to make sure your ball is starting on the right line every time. 

This mat is very realistic to the speed of most greens too. It rolls on a medium to fast pace and depends on if you use it with hardwood floors or carpet. It’s close to an 11 if you use hardwood which is the speed at most country clubs. 

Lastly, this mat comes in two sizes; 7.5 and 11 feet. Whether you need a putting mat for your home, office, or golf studio, there is a perfect size for you. Plus, it rolls up easily if you need to store it with the proactive carry case. 

Training Videos

Additionally, there is a free video training series when you purchase this putting mat. The videos cover how to set the mat up, putting setup, how to play break, dialing in your putting routine, and more. 

Simply scan the QR code inside the package to get videos from Piers and Andy to start making more putts. 

Me and My Golf Breaking Ball Putting Mat


Do you have more questions about Me and My Golf training aids? If so, check out the most commonly asked questions and answers below.

Do putting mats help with putting?

Yes, putting is one of the most important parts of golf but arguably the least practiced by most golfers. But most mats don’t prepare you for the course as you can only practice straight putts. 

Luckily, the Breaking Ball Putting Mat has a new design to help you practice straight and breaking putts without leaving home. Even 10–15 minutes a day on this mat can do wonders for your game.

How do I practice breaking putts at home?

Until this putting mat, there really wasn’t a way to practice them (without having to build your own putting green). But now you can practice all types of breaking putts (in either direction) with this new training aid. 

What is the best putting grip?

There is no “best putting grip” but instead, finding one that gives you the most confidence and most consistent roll. Some golfers like a traditional putting grip (like Tiger Woods) while other great putters prefer cross-handed (like Jordan Speith. 

While other golfers use long putters, prayer grips, and other styles. Ultimately, it’s finding one you can use to hit the putt on line consistently. Make sure to check out our putting grip encyclopedia to figure out which one is best for your short game. 

Breaking Ball Putting Mat Review

My Experience

I am so impressed with this indoor putting mat and plan to use it regularly!

Let’s face it, most of them are pretty similar in terms of design and only prepare you for straight putts. While some mats have the ability to alter the break, it’s not easy to set up and use this feature very much.

But this putting mat is different. Not only can you roll straight putts you can practice breaking putts too without changing your setup at all. Simply use the different balls and follow the instructions to master your right to left and left to right putts.

There’s no doubt this is one of the best putting mats available and should help you gain confidence on putts inside 10 feet. Finally, a putting mat that will translate to lower scores and fewer putts on the golf course. 

Final Thoughts 

The Breaking Ball Putting Mat is a true game changer and will help your putting like no other device. You can use it at home, in a golf studio, or even at the office to master short and breaking putts with ease. 

Don’t forget, very few putts are straight putts on the golf course! 

So make sure you practice with a mat that can help you with a majority of your putts during the rounds. The best part is that it’s easy to use and doesn’t require anything extra to practice breaking putts.

Once you start using this you’ll be amazed at how much more confidence you have on the greens. Paired with some of the best putting drills, this mat will change the way you practice forever. 

Click here to learn more now. 

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