Golf Strategy

Golf Strategy: Tips to Improve your Mental Game

We all are looking to shoot lower scores every time we take to the course.  Naturally, many of us attempt to do that by constantly improving our golf swing, short game, or putting.  

While all three of those are very good goals to have.  Many golfers fail to realize that the quickest way to lower scores is by playing golf with a solid strategy.  With all of these posts, we hope we can help you improve your “mental game”.  

First off, depending on your skills and experience, breaking a certain number in golf requires solid strategy.  In all the articles below, you’ll find our recommendations for breaking into that next class of golf:

Golf Strategy

Course Management

Playing in Poor Weather Conditions

Let’s face it, not every day is going to be sunny and 75 degrees.  You will occasionally have to play in the rain, play on a windy day, play in hot and humid conditions or even brave the Winter to get in 18 holes.  Also, if you are traveling make sure you understand how altitude affects golf distance.  If you face any of these, make sure to check out the articles below:

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Mental Game Tips

In golf, there are many problems you will face where having a better swing is not always the correct answer.  Before you even get to the course, having the right mindset can help you perform much better.

Take for instance match play, having a better strategy than your opponent can allow you to be victorious over a much better player.

Whatever the situation is, we’ve got you covered:

There are also mental adjustments that can be made “on-course” to help you play better:

We hope that you will find these articles on Golf Strategy and the mental game helpful.  

While we believe a good golf strategy is a shortcut to lower scores, don’t forget about your full swingputting and short game.

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