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Few countries in Africa can compete with Namibia for its stark natural beauty. It is a land of vast blue sky, a myriad colours played by the sand dunes at Sossusvlei, the eerie beauty and rusting remains of shipwrecks along the Skeleton Coast and the prolific wildlife that thrive at such unforgiving environment.

Talk to our Travel Specialist to plan your luxury Namibia safari adventure and for many, Sossusvlei is a must as it is the most photogenic region in Namibia. Located inside Namib-Naukluft National Park, imagine a sea of red sand dunes, some as high as a mountain, shaped over time by wind and river. Challenge yourself to climb the most popular “Big Daddy”, quad bike through the dunes or marvel at the scenery from the air on a sunrise hot air ballooning.

As the name implies, be prepared to see skeletons of whales and remains of wrecked ships at Skeletal Coast. It is a place ruled by fur seals and seabirds and a very bizarre setting the sea next to a desert. Nearby, Damaraland, learn from your expert guides on the survival skills of the desert adapted wildlife that call Namibia home. But for wildlife fix, a visit to the Etosha National Park is recommended. The pans and waterholes attract a variety of wildlife and be amazed at the variety of species that you can catch on a single shot!

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Best Time to Visit

The dry winter months from May to October are the best time to visit Namibia as the weather is cool and sunny.


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