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Kosovo, a landlocked country sandwiched by her bigger Balkan neighbours, only gained independence in February 2008 after years of strained relations between its distinctly Albania heritage and recent Serbian occupation. It is the second youngest country and a small one. Tourism is only starting to take off and be the first to relish the country beauty and its impressive UNESCO sites on a private tailored trip. And yes, Kosovo is safe to visit!

Prishtina, the capital of the country is rich in historical heritage alongside the budding vibrancy of a young nation. Prizren is Kosovo’s cultural capital where ancient stories come alive at every corner and the UNESCO listed sites of Pec and Gracanica Monasteries are easily highlights of the country.

Best Time to Visit

Spring (Apr-June) and autumn (Sep-Oct) are the best time to visit Kosovo. Summer (July-Aug) is the busiest time but the weather may be too hot for our comfort.


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