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09 March 2023

Travelling to the North Pole with Ponant

North Pole has been an adventurer’s dream for a long time. With the renowned Ponant’s Le Commandant Charcot, the first high polar exploration cruise ship powered by liquefied natural gas specially conceived for the exploration of the polar regions, travellers are now able to access the once hard-to-reach destination in luxury and comfort.

“…the spirit of exploration…” – Yvonne Ho

Last week, we got the chance speaking with Ms Yvonne Ho, an expeditionist, whom shared with us about her experience onboard the Le Commandant Charcot. Through her words, we understand how important we have to respect the nature, and have a spirit of exploration while we approach the geographic North Pole and the area surrounding it. Many times, guests will wonder where they will land next or visit next while on the cruise, and the team onboard do not always have an answer for it. As part of this experience, guests are invited to enjoy the moments as they venture outside of their comfort zone, into previously uncharted territory.

Join us as we explore the once hard-to-reach destination!


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