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Best Putter for High Handicaps

Quick Handicap Improvement: The Best Putters for High Handicappers

If you’re a high handicapper, you know the importance of playing golf clubs that match your game. Let’s face it, playing golf with the wrong clubs is extremely difficult!

If you’re like most golfers, you’ve probably played a club that’s beyond your abilities one time or another and felt the consequences of it. Maybe you borrowed a club when you left yours in the cart or tried out other friends on the range and surprised at how difficult they are to hit.

This is why it’s so important to play the right clubs for your game so you can make the game as simple as possible. So many guys who shoot in the 90s or 100s could improve their game overnight with a few club switches. One of those is the putter.

Your flat stick has a direct correlation with your score. The fewer the putts per round, the lower the score. On the other hand, when you can’t find the bottom of the cup, your score usually suffers.

In this post, I want to help you find the best putter for high handicappers as not all are created equal. 

4 Factors When Choosing the Right Putter

While there are a lot of factors that go into putting, there are four that I think are vitally important for higher handicap players. 


The first thing to think about is forgiveness. As you’ll learn throughout this post, golfers who aren’t breaking 90 need a forgiving putter above everything else. This is so crucial to getting distance control better which helps reduce the number of three jacks and will help build your confidence.

The three jack is not only tough on the score but also the psyche. A lot of players tend to get into the “I’m just not putting well today” mentality and it affects all areas of their game.

This is why you need a putter that is forgiving and makes up for a less than perfect stroke. Not only will you likely shoot lower scores but you will also have more confidence which will translate to your full swing as well. 

You play forgiving drivers and irons, why not have the same approach with your putter too? 


The second thing to think about is price. So many golfers tend to spend much less on their putters than any other club in the bag which is incredibly ironic. 


Because when you consider that you use a putter on every hole and more than any other club in the bag each round, you should spend the most on this club! So many players don’t blink an eye for a $400-$500 new driver each year but get cheap when it comes to the flat stick. Your putter should be your best friend – no matter the cost.

If your only goal is to hit long and not care about your score, that kind of thinking makes sense. But if you love the game and really want to reach your full potential, you need to have the right putter! 

Also, putters and drivers (or even irons for that matter) aren’t created equal. Most irons, woods, and drivers become outdated in a few years as big brands roll out new product lines each year. Each face is more forgiving on the longer club and they help you hit it straighter and further. 

But with putters, if you find one that suits your game, it can last for years or even decades. Since distance isn’t the main goal with putting, manufacturers can’t make nearly as many adjustments and it’s mostly all about feel.

While your flat stick might “cost more” upfront, the return on your investment might be 2-5X longer. Please, don’t let price be your sole factor when choosing a new putter. Otherwise, you could be missing out on tons of strokes every single round.  

Best Putters for High Handicappers


Another thing that you should look for in your putter is to help your alignment. Here’s the thing, you could hit a perfect putt that you think is on line but if you aren’t aimed properly, you will never make it!

Alignment is huge and studies have found that 65% of players aren’t aimed properly inside 12 feet aka the scoring zone. If you’re a high handicap golfer and want to turn your game around, it’s vital that your putter will help you set up square.

As you’ll see in this list, different brands have different styles to help you improve alignment. Some provide a single line on the top while others provide several lines or have a design on the putter that is as wide as the golf ball. 

Some players like the extra alignment while others prefer minimal markings. Either way, make sure your new putter has some sort of alignment so you can set up square at address. This alone will make a huge impact on your total number of putts per round! 


The final thing to consider when choosing your putter is the style of it. Sometimes golfers choose a club that looks good to them but doesn’t actually fit their game. 

For example, you might love a new blade putter but if you have a straight back, straight through putting style, you’re playing one that doesn’t match your game. In general, blade putters are for golfers who tend to have an arc stroke where the face rotates open on the backswing and closes on the forward stroke.

Conversely, mallet putters tend to work better with players who keep the face square on the way back and the way through. While it’s important to find a putter that suits your eye, make sure that it also matches your putting style as well.

If you aren’t sure which type of putter you are, the third “style” is the high MOI (moment of inertia) putter. This style has a unique weight and forgiveness that can work with either type of putting stroke. 

Click here for more tips on choosing a putter.

Best Putters for High Handicappers

Now that you understand what to look for in each putter, let’s dive into the best putters for high handicappers. All these putters come with headcovers and some even include adjustable weights as well.

1. TaylorMade Golf Spider Putters  

TaylorMade changed the putting landscape forever when they rolled out the earliest version of the unique style about a decade ago. While they made tweaks over the next few years, it caught the attention of golfers worldwide when Jason Day used it on his hot streak a few years ago on the PGA Tour. Now, it’s one of the most popular putting lines in all of golf and used by amateurs and professionals worldwide.

Currently, TaylorMade has several versions of this putter available. They have all sorts of variations but the main model is the “MySpider X.” It comes in three main colors (gold, navy blue, and gray) and you have several options for the shaft bend as well. 

Here’s what makes this putter so popular and loved by golfers around the globe.


  • Tons of putter head/shaft options to match your game.
  • Heavier 320g frame to help you improve distance control.
  • Comes standard with TaylorMade Super Stroke black and white grip.
  • Pure roll insert is slightly thicker than previous models for a better sound at impact.
  • Optically engineered with “True Path Alignment System” to line up putts easier than ever.


  • Durability. Some reviews have stated that it’s hard to avoid chipping the paint and hard to keep looking new. 

Otherwise, it’s pretty hard to find any cons when it’s now one of the most popular putters in the world. Personally, I think this is the best option for high handicappers!

Click here to buy your Spider Putter today.

2. Titleist Scotty Cameron Phantom X Mallet Putter 

While TaylorMade has gained popularity in recent years, don’t sleep on one of the best putting brands in golf, Scotty Cameron. These putters are some of the most popular and well-made clubs in all of golf. Just ask Tiger Woods, who has used his trusty Scotty Cameron to win 14 of his 15 major championships.

While Titleist is usually known for its blade putter (not great for high handicappers) I want to focus on their latest mallet putter. It actually feels like a half MOI putter and half traditional mallet with its sleek black and silver look. The Phantom X is one of the best looking putters in the game and has tons of new technology to help your short game. 


  • Custom designed grip options. 
  • Multiple shaft bend options (low, mid and straight bend) to regular “toe flow.”
  • High-quality design. The Phantom X is made with standard-milled, 60601 aircraft aluminum. This will provide solid feedback while preserving feel. 
  • Several alignment options. While TaylorMade simply has a single straight line, Titleist has the line, triple dots, or a dual-yellow sight lines to line up the ball position to the face. 


  • Might be too heavy of a putter for some golfers. 
  • The yellow lines aren’t the best color choice in my opinion. 

Click here to learn more about the latest putter from Scotty Cameron.

3. Odyssey Triple Track Putters

Another top brand in the putting world is Odyssey Golf which is made by Callaway. They’ve been trendsetters since rolling out the White Hot series long ago and then the popular 2-Ball putter which changed mallets forever. 

Odyssey is stepping up their game to regain market share and unveiled the Triple Track Putters. They use the classic Odyssey designs mixed with their new triple track alignment to create an epic putter line. These clubs help with alignment even more if you’re using the Triple Track golf balls as well. 

Here’s why this putter series made the list.


  • Tons of putter choices (nine in total). From blades, mallets, and high MOI options, there is a putter style for every golfer.
  • Amazing alignment. These putters make it so easy to ensure that you’re set up square to the target and have the ball in the middle of the face.  
  • Multi-layered shaft redistributes the weight to the grip and the head of the putter. 
  • Microhine star insert gives you the benefits of the benefits of the epic White Hot series. 
  • Similar face to the original White-hot design with recent updates.


  • Might have too much alignment markings for some players’ eyes.
  • Not as many shaft bend options as Titleist or TaylorMade. 

Best for high handicappers on a budget: Click here to find the right Triple Stroke putter for your game. 

4. Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Putter 

While most of the putters on this list are high MOI or mallet styles, I wanted to include a popular blade putter as well. Remember, blades aren’t necessarily bad for high handicappers as long as you have an arc stroke. Plus, you want to choose a blade that is forgiving as well.

In this case, Cleveland Golf has a very high-rated new putter with it’s Huntington Beach series. The blades are great but they do have mallet styles as well.

Here’s why it made our list:


  • All black or silver design.
  • Six design options to choose from.
  • Classic design and made from soft 304 stainless steel (no face inserts).
  • Proprietary face technology and milling pattern helps with distance control. 


  • Might feel too light for some players.
  • Minimal alignment for some golfers (only one short line on blade putters). 

Click here to learn more about the newest putter from Cleveland Golf. 

5. PXG Gen2 Operator 

Rounding out our list is the Gen2 series from PXG Golf. While they’re relatively new compared to some brands mentioned above, they are some of the highest quality putters in the world. 

The Gen2 series all have a clean design and are highly customizable which is nice with a putter. In general, the flat stick usually doesn’t have much adjustability compared to the other clubs but PXG makes it easy. With different hostels and weights, you can customize it to your stroke.

For high handicappers, I suggest the Gen2 Operator design. This high MOI style is extremely forgiving and has tons of adjustability making it arguably the most forgiving putter on this list. 


  • Face-balanced, three shaft options. 
  • 5 sole weights for maximum customization.
  • Raised T-shape alignment structure to easily line up putts. 
  • 100% milled putters with pyramid face pattern for a consistent and smooth role.
  • Interchangeable shaft and head options to have the right putter head match your shaft.


  • Hard to find a PXG retailer to get a fitting or see in person. 
  • Might be too steep of an investment for some golfers (depending on model). 

Best for high handicappers who only want the best money can buy. Click here to learn more!

Alternate Option for High Handicappers: S7K Standing Putter

While I think the five above are some of the best putters available, I wanted to include this newer model that has confused golfers worldwide.

S7K Standing Putter for Men and Women –Stand Up Golf Putter for Perfect Alignment –Legal for Tournament Play –Eliminate 3-Putts (Right)

What do I mean?

The S7K putter can stand by itself, no golfer needed.

Thanks to its unique weighting, this putter looks like magic to the naked eye. Even on slopes, this putter stays standing on its own. 

But this putter made the list as it helps with alignment so much! As I mentioned in the beginning, so many golfers don’t line up at the target and thus, miss a lot of well struck putts. If you’re a golfer who wants improved alignment and a heavy putter, this model could be for you.


  • Soft feel.
  • Easy alignment.
  • Legal for tournament play.
  • Available in right and left-hand models. 
  • Heavy putter which is great for short putts. 
  • Clean look and design with its silver and blue colors. 
  • Allows you to check your line, stroke it, and sink more putts. 
  • Ultra light grip plus shaft means improved feel in your hands for instant feedback with each stroke.


  • Too gimmicky of a design for some golfers.
  • Not every player is loving the foam grip that comes standard.
  • Lower quality materials used.

Click here to find the SK7 putter today


If you’ve got more questions about choosing the right putters for golf, we are here to help. Check out our list of most commonly asked questions and answers. 

What is the best putter for an average golfer?

What is an “average” golfer anyways? 

Well, according to a Golf Week article, “It has been found that on a given day the average golfer would be expected to post a score of approximately 100 strokes when following all the rules of golf in regard to penalty strokes.”

That last part is crucial “When following all the rules of golf” because as you know, a lot of golfers don’t abide by the rules (no judgement here). 

If the average golfer shoots around 100 give or take a few strokes either way, I would guess 35-40% of all shots happen on the fringe and green. Shaving 5-7 strokes on the putting green can do wonders for your score! This is where your flat stick comes in. 

The best putter for the everyday golfer is one that is extremely forgiving aka has a large sweet spot! Usually, this is a mallet putter or a high MOI style. The golfing putters have a huge impact on your stroke without changing much else and provide easy alignment to your target. 

What is the easiest putter to use for high handicappers? 

I would say the easiest putter to use is a high MOI putter like the TaylorMade Spider series. While some of these clubs look more like a rocket ship than a putter, they are great for both arc putters and straight back, straight through styles.

Regardless of your stroke, they are much more forgiving and will make your mishit putts much better. With such a priority on the sweet spot, you can still lage the ball close even when you don’t hit the ball square. The design might take some getting used too if you’re currently using a blade putter but I promise it’s worth it.

How do you pick a good putter? 

This is a great question as a lot of considerations are a factor in choosing the right putter for your game. Here are some of the most important criteria when selecting your flat stick for high handicappers.


The #1 thing to consider when choosing your putter is forgiveness. A lot of everyday golfers play putters that don’t suit their game, thus making it much harder to consistently putt well. 

Instead, play the putter that suits your game. Look for one that looks good and gives you confidence but also has plenty of forgiveness. This will help turn those pesky 3-6 footers into stress-free tap in putts.

Further reading: Learn about the difference between insert and milled putters.

Design and Feel

The design and feel of your putter is another important aspect when picking the right one for your game. Sometimes, you can pick one up and instantly feel good standing over it.

Other times, it might feel awkward or the face might not set up properly. While you should trust your gut, don’t forget to roll a few putts to get the feel of it. Some might have a soft feel while others have a firm feel.

Putter Length

The length of your putter has a huge impact on your eyes over the golf ball. If you play a putter that is too long or too short, it could screw up your eye position over the ball. This makes it difficult to line up the golf ball and hit the sweet spot more often than not.

Click here to learn more about the ideal putter length for your game.

Why are Scotty Camerons so good? 

Scotty Cameron putters are so reliable and trusted because they don’t skimp out on anything. When you buy a Scotty Cameron putter, you know that no expense was spared in the research and development of this club.  They are one of the best clubmakers in the business.

Not only do they put a ton of money into their R&D but they also use the highest quality materials as well. Scotty Cameron by Titleist knows their niche in the putter industry and doesn’t waver from it. That’s why you don’t see any low end putters – only the best from them.

While the upfront investment on your end is more than some, I would argue that you won’t have much buyers remorse. These clubs are extremely well made and offer some of the best putters in the industry. 

Are heavier putters better? 

Heavy putters can be better if you’re struggling with distance control. Lighter putters usually require a much larger backswing and thus, make it harder to control the speed. Heavy putters on the other hand require less motion which generally means fewer mistakes can happen. 

For high handicappers, less is more. The less you have to consciously think about when standing over the golf ball, the better you’ll likely putt.

Most of the putters on this list are heavier by nature but you can always add lead tape if you’d like to make it even heavier. Plus, heavy putters tend to make it easy to keep the face square on short putts so you don’t miss as much from short range.  

The ones on this list are made to keep the face square back and through with ease!

Final Thoughts on Best Putters for High Handicappers

As you can tell, if you’re a high handicapper, there are tons of amazing choices to help roll the rock better (absolute beginners should check out our favorite putters for beginners). Hopefully, you can see how a putter change can help improve your game without overhauling your stroke. Plus, you don’t have to spend a ton of money on a putter fitting.

While the investment might cost more than you anticipated, I promise it’s worth it. Don’t forget, putters can last years or longer compared to a driver or wedge. 

If a putter you like is $300 and a driver you like is $300, they aren’t equal investments. In a few years, your big stick will be obsolete with so much new face technology while your putter could be just fine. 

Don’t forget, the three most important clubs in the bag are the driver, wedge, and putter so make sure you choose the right ones for your game. Remember, shooting your lowest scores start by picking the right putter, even if you’re a high handicapper.

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