Best Indoor Putting Mat

Home Improvement: 13 Indoor Putting Greens Worth the Money

Are you looking for the best indoor putting green but aren’t sure which one is actually worth the money?

Don’t worry – we have you covered. If you’re an avid golfer, you are always trying to figure out ways to get better, even if you can’t make it to the golf course.

Putting is arguably the most important part of your game as it usually makes up 35% of all your shots! But it is usually the least practiced skill among golfers.

Yet, with more confidence on the greens, you will see your confidence levels rise like Tiger’s in 2000. Well maybe not that confident, but you get my drift. 

If you can work on your putting, even if it’s 10-20 minutes per day, you can see drastic improvements in your average score. To sneak in that practice time, we recommend picking up a putting mat or indoor putting green to work on your game. 

Key Takeaways

  • Putting mats and indoor putting greens are a great way to improve your short game without leaving home.
  • Some putting greens are simple with carpet-like material. While other putting greens use foam and other materials to make the surface feel like you’re on the actual golf course.
  • You can use putting aids on the green to improve your mechanics and work on putting drills at home.

Let’s get into the best putting greens and indoor putting mats to see which one will fit your home or office setup the best.

Our Picks for Best Indoor Putting Green

Best Indoor Putting Green

Best Indoor Putting Green For Your Home and Office 

When it comes to practice mats and indoor putting greens, there are tons of options out there.

Each has a different putting surface, style, number of holes, and built-in practice features. We reviewed some of the most popular ones out there and based our comparison on brand, reviews, design, quality, and price. 

There is a huge difference among these putting greens so we included some cheap and convenient ones as well as more expensive ones. Find out which of the indoor putting green options works best for you so you can work on the flat stick at your home or office. 

Let’s get into it…

1. PrimePutt Putting Mat

Prime Putt Review

If you want a realistic roll you’ll love this premium putting green from PrimePutt. The Tour grade turf and innnovative design make this one of the most realistic indoor putting greens ever.

Unlike a lot of mats/greens, this one is easy to store thanks to its “no memory turf material.” You can store it away with ease and only take it out when you need a perfect practice session.

I really appreciate the fact that this mat does not have any creases or bends that make for the un-natural breaks you find with cheaper mats. The heavy duty material means that it rolls out flat every single time you unroll it. While other mats may have more bells and whistles, this mat absolutely nails it with the flat surface and that is the single most important factor when selecting a putting mat.

Plus, it has a revolutionary cup design that makes you feel like you’re on the golf course. You can let one “die-in” or smash one to the back of the cup. And you get a great realistic sound when you make one.


  • Made for indoor golf.
  • Tour-grade turf (1/2″ thick).
  • The impressive cup design makes it feel like you’re on the golf course.
  • Easy to store thanks to the no-memory turf material that will always lay flat. Heavy Duty build means a flat lie every time!
  • Official Putting Mat of the Korn Ferry Tour


  • This is a little more expensive than some on the list but the minute it arrives you understand this is a very high quality mat and well worth the price.

You can order your PrimePutt putting mat here. Or read our full hands on PrimePutt putting mat review here.

PrimePutt Putting Mat Cups

2. Perfect Practice Putting Mat 

If you want to play like PGA Tour pros, it’s never a bad idea to practice like them. The Perfect Practice Putting mat is a popular putting mat and the official choice of Dustin Johnson. This putting mat is also highly reviewed and has several models to choose from.

To get the most of your putting green, I suggest the standard or XL size as it comes with a second, mini sized hole. This will help you focus on a smaller target and should make it easier to pour putts in on the course. 

Perfect Practice Putting Mat Ball Return

Here is why it’s endorsed by Dustin Johnson to hone his putting skills: 


  • Made with high quality turf surface.
  • 8 feet long with printed alignment tracking at 2, 4, and 6 feet.
  • Comes in five sizes and styles (compact, standard, XL, acrylic, barstool).
  • Made with crystal velvet material that allows the ball to roll just like it does on an actual green. 


  • May need to use an Iron to straighten out surface.
PERFECT PRACTICE (New Version) Putting Mat for Indoors - Indoor/Outdoor Putting Green with Ball Return, Realistic Surface Golf Putting Mat, Lay-Flat Technology - Golf Training Equipment – Standard

Read our full review of the Perfect Practice putting mat here.

3. SKLZ Accelerator Indoor Golf Pro Green

The SKLZ Accelerator Pro is one of the best putting mats that also features the automatic return when you hole out putts. Backed by a strong name in the golf business, SKLZ created a solid product to help with your short game.

SKLZ ACCELERATOR PRO - Indoor Golf Putting Mat with Auto-Ball Return & Behind-the-Hole Ball Collector - Putter Alignment Guides at 3, 5 & 7 Feet - Rubber-Backed Mat Provides Multi-Surface Stability

The gentle upslope at the putt can help you get in the habit of hitting putts with a little more authority so you don’t leave them short on the golf course. This is great for distance control!

This SKLZ putting mat is 9 feet x 16.25 inches – here’s why it’s trusted by golfers worldwide: 


  • Low price. 
  • Ball return feature (assuming you make it).
  • Made with quality material. 
  • Alignment guides at 3,5, and 7 feet to help you practice the putts that matter most.


  • Only offers one target and isn’t reversible like some putting mats.
  • Steep incline that sometimes makes you feel like you’re at a mini-golf course more than an actual putting green.

4. Birdie Ball Putting Green

This is another very high quality putting green with the ability to create some break using contour shims.

As Birdie Ball said, “The only true-rolling green on the market with authentic grain and stimp speeds. BirdieBall uses a patented aerated foam technology that simulates a natural grass putting green.

Birdie Ball Putting Green Review


  • Drop-in cups.
  • Fast putting surface.
  • Multiple speed and size options.
  • Easy to customize with a logo for business use.


  • No alignment aids.
  • Zippered storage bag costs extra.
  • Not the easiest to use with the contour shims and hole reducers.

Go here to read my full in home review.

5. Putt Out Pro Golf Putting Mat

The Putt Out pro golf putting mat is one of the few game improvements putting mats on the market. This is a sleek design that uses a black and blue theme that makes it easy to clean and store.  It’s not your ordinary golf mat either as it has tons of features to help improve your stroke.

PuttOut Pro Golf Putting Mat - Perfect Your Putting (7.87-feet x 1.64-feet) (Green)


  • Very clean packaging and design.
  • Available in three colors (black, gray, green). 
  • Putting surface works on carpet or hardwood floor.
  • Comes with a low-profile drawstring carry bag for easy transport. 
  • Rolls a 10 on green speed and will help speed with mid-range putts.


  • Doesn’t include an actual cup.
  • Only one green speed setting and unfortunately no way to add break.

6. Breaking Ball Putting Mat

The Breaking Ball Putting Mat is unlike any other green or mat on this list for one reason – it lets you practice breaking putts. But here’s the kicker, you don’t have to install any slope accessories underneath the mat.

Breaking Ball Putting Mat Review

Instead, Me and My Golf created three golf balls that have slight, medium, and heavy break. Line them up with the start line markers and watch them break.


  • Two sizes.
  • Fast speed (about 11).
  • Free putting video library.
  • You can finally practice breaking putts at home.
  • Works for both right to left and left to right breaking putts.


  • No holes. But otherwise this is one of the best indoor putting greens without a doubt.

Click here to read our full review of this amazing new green here.

7. Putt-A-Bout Par Three Mat (Budget)

The Putt-A-Bout putting green is a standard indoor putting green that gets the job done for a casual player. If you’re looking for a standard indoor putting green to practice the short-range putts, this is it. The putting mat is 3ft x 9ft and offers three different full size hole targets.  

Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Putting Green (9-feet x 3-feet)


  • Very low price compared to others.  
  • A high-quality surface that will stay smooth for years. 
  • Bunkers behind the holes catch any balls that are hit too hard. 
  • Easy to use with training aids (mentioned down in this article) to help your form. 


  • No cups or flagsticks.
  • No alignment lines on the mat.

8. Abco Tech Synthetic Turf Putting Practice Indoor Golf Mat

The Abco Tech Synthetic Turf putting mat is a nice hybrid style putting green for indoor golf or outdoor use. It’s compact like a putting mat but offers features of a putting green like higher quality material and an actual cup. 

Golf Putting Green Mat - 1.6x10ft - Putting Mat for Outdoor and Indoor Use - Practice Putting - Includes 3 Yellow Golf Balls | Putting Matt for Indoors - Golf Training Aid Golf Practice


  • Rolls up for easy storage.
  • Sturdy base with rubber backing.
  • Comes with flagstick and regulation size hole. 
  • Made with synthetic turf that simulates real grass.
  • Has two holes. One standard and one smaller hole to make you hit it just right to hole it.
  • Smaller hole has a built in alignment aid to help you see if your ball starts off on line.


  • Carpet doesn’t seem to be the best material. 

9. Varispeed Putting System 

While putting greens and mats are helpful, you can’t change the speed for most of them. But the Varispeed putting system flips the script for most mats making it a highly effective mat. It’s like you’re at the country club working on all types of putts!

ProActive Sports, VariSpeed Putting System, 10 ft, Mimics Real Putting Green, Loaded with Drills, Training Aid for Indoor or Outdoor, Practice 4 Different Speeds On One Mat


  • Comes with an instruction manual and additional putting drills.
  • Helps you improve your speed more than any other training aid.
  • Not only helps with speed but also helps with breaking putts with adjustable break conditions. 
  • Variable putting speed from 7.5 to 13 (as a reference, PGA Tour is usually 11.5-13, so this is rather impressive). 


  • No holes or automatic return system. 
Best Premium Indoor Putting Green

Best Super Premium Indoor Golf Greens 

While the first set of indoor greens on this list are great, they’re geared more towards the casual golfer. But like all things golf, there is a huge difference in some of the ultra premium greens.

Here are our favorite ones for 2023: 

Finally, we wanted to include one indoor green that also works outdoors as well. If you have a ton of space and want to upgrade your backyard without a full synthetic putting green, this is a great option. While the Tour Links costs more than most (even the Big Moss), it’s still a heck of a lot cheaper than hiring a team to come in and build a full on putting surface in your backyard.


  • Massive surface – 8 x 12 feet.
  • Comes with three cups and two pins. 
  • Provides a true roll to give you an epic experience.
  • Incredibly high quality material and made to withstand the elements for outdoor use. 
  • Made with true role putting surface and has adjustable breaks with their “Tour Links contour pads.”


  • Only one size golf hole.
  • No alignment aid or tracking system. 

Want more information about this all-in-one golf putting green? Watch their YouTube video here

Click here to learn more about it now.

11. 77 Tech Large Artificial Putting Mat Green System

If you have some extra space in your house or office, the 77 Tech Large artificial Putting Mat is an awesome choice. It’s made up of a super high-quality surface that will last you for a very long time. 

77tech Large Artificial Grass Golf Putting Green Mat Indoor/Outdoor Golf Training Aid Equipment Mat (2.5x10ft)


  • Easy to clean.
  • Can be used outdoors as well.
  • Stainless steel putting green hole cups (3).
  • Looks very appealing with short and high grass levels. 
  • Comes with two sets of holes and cups for extra aim points. 
  • High-quality material that looks great in the office or at home.


  • Very wide at just over three feet. At 3.3ft x 10ft, it will take up a ton of room wherever you use it but somewhat standard with higher end options.

Want to learn even more about this ultimate putting green? Then make sure to check out our detailed look at the 77 Tech Putting Green review.

12. Boburn Golf Putting Green 

The Boburn Golf Putting Green/mat is a higher end indoor green that looks like you’re warming up on the course. When you have this in your house, expect friends and neighbors to come over more often as it feels like you’re putting on a real g reen.

BOBURACN Golf Putting Green/Mat-Golf Training Mat- Professional Golf Practice Mat- Green Long Challenging Putter for Indoor/Outdoor (Green, 5x10ft)

The Boburn putting green has the real feel of an actual green with a stimpmeter of about 10 on the scale.  

Here are some of the reasons why we love this premium green. 


  • Easy to roll up and transport, despite its larger size.
  • Made with a soft high-elastic foam base (similar to memory foam). 
  • Available in four different sizes; 2.5×10”, 3.3×10” 4’x10” and 5×10.”
  • Comes with flag sticks, two stainless steel cups, and a two-year warranty.


  • Doesn’t have any training aid features.
  • It’s pricey compared to some, but looks very professional and is massive in size. 

Want to learn even more about this ultimate putting green? Click here for our full review of the Boburn Putting Green.

13. Big Moss Country Club Natural Putting Green

If you want the biggest putting green we found, you’ll love the latest from Big Moss. This 6 x 10 putting green is massive and allows you to putt from a variety of angles and distances. 

Plus, it rolls at around an 11 on the stimpmeter and doesn’t require any tools for setup. Simply unroll and start putting and chipping. The Big Moss is one of the best putting greens to help you train your game at home and made for committed golfers.


  • Lays flat even on carpet.
  • Wrinkle free rubber backed surface.
  • Smaller targets to build confidence for the course.
  • Utilizes offset putting positions to incorporate grain and offer natural breaking putts. 


  • No alignment aids.
  • Higher cost than most options.

Click here to learn more about it now.

Best Indoor Putting Mat

Additional Accessories

While all these putting greens are great, let’s help you make each session even more effective. Instead of mindlessly putting on your green, use some of these gadgets to improve your putting.

Putt Out Pressure Trainer

The Putt Out Pressure Trainer is designed to simulate the exact conditions of putting into a real hole on the green. It’s finally a way to simulate putting in competition with its ground-breaking parabolic curved design. Simply unfold and start putting at the device (inside or outside).

PuttOUT Pressure Putt Trainer - Perfect Your Golf Putting, White

The trainer is designed to help you get instant feedback on if the ball went in or not. If you hit a good putt at the right speed it will return it back to you. Plus, you can make it even more challenging by opening the microtarget too (this is really hard so if you get 1 out of 20 balls you’re doing it right). 

Here are some more details about this training aid: 

  • Comes in five colors. 
  • Small design, fits in your bag or easy to transport.
  • Designed to return good putts and reject bad ones for instant feedback. 
  • Each successful putt is returned the same distance it would have gone past the hole if it had missed – great feedback for getting the pace just right. 
  • Helps you build repetition into your practice to improve your pace putting and to practice pressure putting. 

Click here to read our full hands on review of the PuttOut Pressure trainer.

Putting Tutor 

One of our favorite putting aids is the Putting Tutor by Dave Pelz. Known by many golfers for his work with Phil Mickelson, he’s the godfather of the short game. He designed a simple yet effective putting device that can be used for indoor or outdoor use. 

Pelz Golf DP4007 Putting Tutor black, standard

The Putting Tutor will help you get the ball rolling on the proper start line. Most putts miss because golfers aren’t actually aimed the right way. But with this device, you get instant feedback to know if your putt is starting out on the intended line.

The Putting Tutor is one plastic board and four marbles that you put down in front of the golf ball. If your ball hits the marbles, you know that you pushed or pulled the putt from its original start line. Plus, you can also make it more challenging by moving the marbles further away making the area much smaller. 

It will also help you learn how to play enough break for big swinging putts too. Since it’s so small and compact you can easily throw it in your golf bag or keep it in the trunk of your car too. 

Click here to learn more about it and buy now.

Best Indoor Putting Trainer

Other Putting Mat Accessories

Here are a few other putting aids that can help you on the putting green too:

  • Pelz Golf O Balls: These golf balls have circles and lines on the ball to help you get feedback about your stroke. If the lines move end over end while the ball is rolling, you’re making a great motion at the golf ball. But if they are spinning one way or another, you can learn if you’re producing a cut or draw type putting stroke. We like these because they are cheap, easy to use, and provide instant feedback for any golfer.
  • Putting Mirror: Your eyes play a big role in striking putts in the center of the face. But a lot of golfers forget about this crucial fundamental unless an instructor points it out. With a putting mirror, it’s easy to check every once in a while to make sure your eyes are directly over the golf ball. This will help you take the putter back square and ensure you have the right face angle through impact.  
  • Putting Gates: Putting gates are another great way to hone your putting stroke and shave strokes off your game. These three gates help you get the ball started on line and are great for short range putts (4-10 feet). Which is arguably the most important part of putting! 
  • Momentus Track: Finally, the highly rated Momentus short track is great to hone your stroke. It’s designed to help you create a natural flowing stroke with ease. All you do is place the heel of your putter against the vertical part of the training aid. Then, as you go back on your putting stroke, keep the putter head in contact for a perfect stroke!

Any or all of these putting aids, paired with a new putting green will make you unstoppable on the greens. Plus, all of these devices are easy to transport and take to a real putting green as well. Remember, practice with purpose to make each session much more effective! 

Upstreet Putting Cup 

The MuxSam putting cup is cheap, easy to use, and convenient. All you need is carpet to get started.

It helps you make some putts when you’re hanging out in the living room without a large green or mat. Plus, since it’s so small you can easily take this to your office or when you travel. While it’s not the highest quality, you get what you pay for.

Putting Out of Your Mind by Dr. Bob Rotella 

This book is one of our favorite golf books for a reason!

While all these can help, don’t forget about the mental side of things. Putting is so much of what happens between your ears! 

Dr. Bob Rotella, renowned sports psychologist who specializes in golf, breaks down the mental stuff beautifully in this book. When you read it you’ll learn about things like:

  • The mindset for putting
  • How to develop confidence on the greens
  • The right way to practice putting (and short game) 
  • How to use your unconscious mind for green reading 

There’s a reason why some golfers call it the bible of putting. Even if you’re a savvy golfer, I bet chances are you haven’t read about these simple yet effective topics yet. 

Click here to grab the book.

How to Choose the Best Golf Indoor Putting Green

With so many options available, we don’t want you to get overwhelmed or confused. Instead, use our checklist below to figure out which putting green is the right one for you. Here’s how to compare each.

Size of Putting Green 

Arguably the most important factor when choosing is the total size. Some of these putting greens are very small and compact which are great for small spaces like an apartment or office. While others are much larger and could take up half of your man cave or a large covered patio outdoors. 

When thinking about space, remember that most of these putting greens roll up easily. This means easy storage for when you’re not using them to improve your short game. But even some of the large ones (like 5×10 feet) will take up a good amount of storage space too. 

Make sure that you can fit the mat in a space for your home and have enough storage space too. 

Indoor Putting Mat vs. Green

Once you figure out size, the next thing to decide is if you want a mat or putting green. The main differences between the two is that a mat:

  • Built in alignment aids.
  • May or may not have an automatic ball return system.
  • Can change the speed and slope of putts (instead of just one speed).

But an indoor putting green is usually much larger and great for longer range putts. While it doesn’t have built-in putting aids, you can pair them with some of our list to get the best of both worlds. 

Plus, the putting surfaces/turf surface are often very different too. Golf mats are more like carpet while the indoor putting green is more high quality and closer to a real green (that lives in your home).


Obviously, price is a big factor for a lot of golfers so make sure to consider when buying. But I would suggest not buying solely on price as some are made with better materials and will last longer too.

When thinking about price, try to factor in how often you intend to use the putting mat or green, if anyone else in your family will, and size as well. 

Improvement Tools

While the super premium putting greens are awesome, especially for entertaining family and friends, they won’t help with technique. A lot of the smaller ones that are more a mat than an indoor putting green help with built-in training aids. 

If you’re dead set on a large indoor putting green, consider a putting mat as well. This way you can work on technique on the mat and your full routine on the actual putting green. Plus, I’m sure this will make you a hit with all of your golfing buddies too! 


One of the best sounds for a player is hearing the ball hit the bottom of the cup. But unfortunately, not a lot of putting mats have actual holes. Instead, they just have a circle that is the size of normal regulation cups. 

If you prefer to keep it very real, buy a mat or green with actual holes. These usually come with mini flagsticks as well which gives it a nice touch.

If you don’t care as much about having regulation size holes, consider a mat with a normal size and mini hole options. These are great because you can practice on a hole that is much smaller than a normal one. 

Over time, this can help you focus on a smaller target and hopefully take that skill to the golf course. When you go from a mini hole to a real size hole, it’ll feel like you’re putting into a bucket! 

Golf Indoor Putting Mat

FAQs About Indoor Putting Greens

Do you have more questions about the best indoor putting greens? If so, we got answers with our most common questions from golfers below. 

Are indoor putting greens worth it?

Yes, the different green features make these putting greens well worth your money. It’s a great way to work on your game at home and improve one of the most important parts fast.

What is the best indoor putting green?

The one that fits your budget, space, and golf game goals! Some players want a ball return feature while others want a large green while others simply want a mat.

At the end of the day, the best practice mat or green is one that works for you. Buy one that you know you’ll use so you can start sinking putts from 10 feet and closer on the golf course.

How can I practice putting indoors?

By grabbing one of these putting greens and getting to work.

When you have one in your house, there’s no excuse not to work on the most important part of your golf game. Schedule time every week so you can build confidence and put your golf mat to use!

How much does an indoor putting mat cost?

One of the biggest questions that most golfers have is around price. As you can tell from the list above, they range greatly. From $30-$50 on the low end to $200-$500 on the high end. And super premium ones can go even higher.

While it might seem steep from some, don’t forget that building one in your backyard is a lot more expensive!

My Experience

As you can tell, there is no shortage of indoor putting greens and mats to help you improve your short game. If you’re lucky enough to sneak one into your home or office, do it. I’m sure your coworkers or neighbors will thank you for it as well for a fun putting experience!

In my experience, it’s easy to get locked into just mindlessly hitting putts if you have one of these in your home or office. Instead, invest in one or several of these putting aids too so that you aren’t mindlessly putting and creating bad habits. The training aids mentioned above will help you narrow your focus and create positive habits on the greens. 

Also, make sure to schedule out some time each week to use it because in my experience it’s easy to forget at times. Remember, short putts are the easiest shots in golf to get back! The more clutch you are from 3 to 6 feet, the lower scores you’ll shoot… fast.

Final Thoughts

With most of these models, you will not be able to work on green reading but can improve your putting skills. By using these mats, it’s a great way to improve your putting stroke, figure out your putter aim, or learn to control your putting speed

If it’s just for your home or garage, make sure to get one that is easily collapsible and put in storage when not in use. If you have a golf bag organizer in your garage, most of these greens could be stored in there as well. 

If you are a little more ambitious, go here to see what it takes to build a real putting green in your backyard.

But don’t forget, when you buy one you need to use it to actually improve. Once you find the perfect option, make sure to check out the best putting drills for your putting practice as well. 

For more reviews of similar golf equipment, check out this article next.

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