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Iceland is a land of cinematic beauty, with a dramatic landscape dominated by glaciers, volcanoes, wiggling fjords, waterfalls, black sand beach, steaming lava fields, geysers and geothermal pools. With almost 80% of the country uninhabited, travellers can almost immediately sense the vast and empty expanse of the country and this stands out as a luxury experience.

Located near the Arctic Circle, Iceland is also a land of light and darkness. The long summer days is ideal for outdoor activities while the country puts on its dazzling Northern Lights show during the long winter nights.

Our travel specialists know the country well and will design a trip that covers all the highlights of the country. Imagine descending into a volcano, swimming between two continents, having lunch on top of a glacier, hiking into ice caves, lounging in a natural hot pool or chasing the Aurora Borealis, the list is endless. Let the drama and excitement unfolds in the land of fire and ice!

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Best Time to Visit

Thanks to the North Atlantic current that passes through, Iceland enjoys a cool temperate with refreshing summers and a mild winter. With pleasant weather and long daylights, summer is the best time to visit Iceland with July and August being the busiest and certain routes in the interior highlands is only accessible during the summer season.

Winter season is an ideal time to visit Iceland too for the beautiful wintry landscape and activities and of course the chance to chase the Northern Lights. The Northern Lights can be seen from September to March and is generally better between September to October and February to March.


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