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China, the 3rd largest country in the world spans over more than 5000 years of ancient history and civilization. It is a populous country of more than 1.4 billion citizens with majority living in the major cities as the mountains dominate over 70% of the landscape. It is also a place where modernity intertwined with tradition. With such a big area to discover and to get under the skin, it helps to have a well-planned itinerary and we pride ourselves on delivering an assortment of experiences throughout China.

First time visitors will invariably begin the journey in Beijing, the epicentre of China power from past to present. Explore the sprawling grounds of Forbidden city and set foot on the Great Wall snaking over the horizon. A short distance away, Xian is famous for its terracotta warriors and the originating point of the famous silk road. Situated at the mouth of the Yangtze River, Shanghai, the neon city is dynamic and bustling with activities and giant pandas munching bamboo in Chengdu is always a delight to watch.

Beyond the municipalities, re-trace the ancient trading outposts, rugged landscape and Buddhist landmarks left behind by the caravans on their arduous trips along the Silk Road. Discover the heart and soul of Tibet, the roof the World. Hike on the stunning landscape of Zhangjiajie, also known as the “Avatar Mountain” and let our expert guides recount all the mesmerizing history in Henan, the cradle of China civilization. Whatever your interest, we have the confidence to show you the best of China.

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Best Time to Visit

Given the massive size of China, different areas have varying climate though in general, spring (Mar-May) and autumn (Sep-Nov) is generally the best time to visit China with the exception of Tibet, which is closed to foreigners for about 2 months in spring.

Avoid traveling to China during the Golden Week and Chinese New Year period.

If you can get past the cold, winter can be a good time to visit, with lesser crowd and Tibet is actually a good destination to visit during winter.


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