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A mountainous nation in the Balkan, North Macedonia is an underexplored country with glistening lakes and picturesque villages. For most visitors, the journey begins in the capital city of Skopje, said to be 7000 years old. There is perhaps one best word to describe the city – bizarre! In this relatively small city, the cityscape is a jarring jumble of buildings and hundreds of statues some as high as 20m in its public square and streets. Its appeal is highly debated, but nevertheless a sight to behold!

Beyond the city, the real beauty of the country lies in the serene lakeside town of Ohrid, the country’s only UNESCO World Heritage site. The ancient city of Ohrid is crammed with well-preserved historical hours, churches, and monasteries that it is dubbed as Balkan and European Jerusalem. Coupled with the setting of Lake Ohrid, this is a must visit for visitors to North Macedonia.


Best Time to Visit

Spring (Apr-June) and autumn (Sep-Oct) are the best time to visit Serbia. Summer (Jul-Aug) is the busiest time but the weather may be too hot for our comfort.


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